Current Events 01-21-2021

The Red States Must Unify Against This Threat The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming; No speculation is needed. Those who wield power are demanding it. The only question is how much opposition they will encounter.

We have to resist, refuse to enforce, sue, and otherwise defy all unlawful edicts and abuses of power by the Biden regime and the Communist Party in Washington. It’s the last legal option. It is the last thing we can do, short of war.

The GOP Are Traitors – They Are Done as a National Party Where to Find a Principled Right-Wing Party

We need to absorb the 80 million people who backed Trump, and all Republican politicians who can be persuaded to jump ship who were loyal to Trump, and make a new Patriot Party.

The New Dictator Hates America Words of Division; Cloaked in an appeal to unity, President Biden’s inaugural speech hit all the expected themes of racial resentment and blame.

His speech, and the 25,000 troops in Washington, was a warning – sit down, shut up, and accept my illegal regime. Or else.

This Was the Installation of a Dictator, Not the Inauguration of a President Inauguration of FICUS Biden – Citizens Not Invited

We Must Wield Local Power Now We’ve Got Them Right Where We Want Them

But with a new political party. The Republicans cannot be trusted.

Useful Idiots How Libertarians Aid and Abet Oligarchy; Libertarians like spoiler Senate candidate Shane Hazel fail to appreciate that America can be just as thoroughly dominated by big corporations and powerful oligarchs as it can be by big government. 

They are spoiler candidates whose only purpose is to hand power to Democrats in close elections.


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