Current Events 02-10-2021

America As Founded Died on January 20, 2021 Killing the Republic – Trump As Tiberius Gracchus

I haven’t been blogging much news, because all the news is bad. And it is only going to get worse. This illegal regime of Communists that has conquered our country with the assistance of traitors in the GOP, is not going to stop. They have already obliterated all Constitutional limits on governance. Why should they stop? They got what they wanted. A country free of self-rule, a nation free of electoral oversight. They took power with fraud, and America rolled over and let them. There is no representation for us in Congress, where there are no political parties – only the illusion of them. I don’t think the country will long endure in this state.

There Are No Elections Now, Only Mass Political Theatre Meant to Preserve the Illusion of Free and Fair Elections If You Thought the 2020 Elections Were Chaotic, Just Wait

Normal Has Been Murdered Small Acts of Resistance (Part One)

Freedom is normal. Therefore normal is the enemy of the ruling oligarchs. There will never be normal again unless we take it back by force. We must refuse to comply with all illegal government diktats. And all laws, policies, or rules that violate the Constitution are on the face of them illegal, by definition. Almost everything this government has done since China Virus was designed to get us to passively accept ever increasing control over our daily lives. Where we can go. Where we can work. Where we can worship. Whether or not we can gather in groups. Literally whether we can show our faces in public. If you can’t see this, then you are one of the sheeple. And useful idiots to the oligarchs now ruling in Washington.


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