Current Events 02-24-2021

Elites Want ‘The Hunger Games’ to Become Reality Economic Civil War

I’m Not Sure How We Do This With No Political Power, But 👌 With Supreme Court’s Non-Decision, Citizens Must Reform Electoral System

War Of One Form Or Another Is Coming The Last Stop Before Thermopylae; Many traditional Americans are sleepwalking into a conflict they are not mentally prepared to handle. What are some practical steps they can take now?

Whether it will be bloodless, or shed oceans of blood, remains to be seen.

Communists Are an Invasive Species Student columnist calls white peers returning to campus an ‘invasive species’

Fascism Is Already Here Atlas, Ferguson, and Hanson: On Free Speech at Stanford

You Must Love Big Brother Why Do the Election’s Defenders Require My Agreement? The purpose of voting today is to give a democratic veneer to an undemocratic regime—not to give the people a say in the direction of their government.


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