Current Events, Suck

I haven’t been reading news much, or at all really, because it’s always the same. So I don’t write about it much. I stopped caring when Trump, the rightful President, was driven out and replaced with the fraudulent former VP. 

Now here’s what you DO need to care about. A massive correction/recession/depression is coming. The market is going to tank and we are going to enter a Bear Market. If you have investments, you need to convert those to cash. This is not financial advice, but I would advocate buying GameStop if you can. If you can’t, buy physical gold and silver and a safe to keep it in. DO NOT BUY CRYPTO. It is as much manipulated as the stock market, possibly more.

I would also stockpile bullets, antibiotics, and canned goods in case it gets very bad. Which it might. 

I hate to say it, but this is what happens when you vote Democrat. They want us poor, desperate, and scared, because scared people are easier to manipulate. If you haven’t done so already, you need to turn off the news, all sources – it is pure propaganda and only serves the ruling class.

If you’re interested in GameStop, you can visit If you are interested in metals, try In any case, the crash is coming, so prepare yourself and your family accordingly.


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