Revolution 2.0

What happened in January was a bloodless coup. Our representative government was subverted by the ruling class. They were desperate to stop us, the people, from taking our power back from them. So they cheated. And lied. And threatened. And now our government is destroyed. 

Is there any part of our system that anybody trusts anymore? No. I want no part of a country that is determined to deny me and people like me representation. We have abandoned our country of laws and have veered into absolute despotism.

I think we are only going through the motions until the shooting starts. Someday soon, somebody is going to get shot. Maybe it will be a Capitol Polic/Stasi agent trying to arrest a January 6 protestor. Maybe it will be an FBI/Gestapo agent trying to harass a private citizen over nothing. They will go too far and threaten the wrong person, and somebody is going to get killed. And it will be the shot heard round the world 2.0.

They stole this election. They know we know. And they do not care. 

They have removed all legal and peaceful means of redress. I think nothing remains now but war.

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