Current Events 08-09-2021

The Triple Branch, Checks and Balanced, Constitutional Government You Believed In is a Lie The Fourth Branch of United States Government

No More It’s Not Just About The Masks; We have not just lost our minds, but given them up voluntarily.

Masking has never been about public health. The endgame was always more government control. And Americans just rolled over for it. Vaccines DO work. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines absolutely stop the spread of China Virus and could make it so there would be no need for masks ever. So of course, they are already starting the narrative that vaccines may not work due to the India Variant, so we have to stay locked down and masked forever. Meanwhile, the anti-vaxx nutters are determined to confirm every bigoted perception Leftists have about the Right, and give them the perfect excuse they need to mandate vaccines, institute vaccine passports and other fascist contact tracing methods, and normalize open discrimination against the un-vaxxed. Who many of which feel justified in their position by the simple fact that the CDC is a politically motivated tool of the Left, instead of an impartial source of medical research and data. The goal, as always, is totalitarian control. 

The Purges Are Already Starting Vaccine And Mask Coercion Is A Purge Of Republican Voters, And Republicans Are Letting It Happen; Republicans are still by and large allowing their own voters to be purged from employment and schooling based on their evidence-informed convictions that oppose reality-defying leftist groupthink.

The Republican Party are Quislings. They do not deserve our votes or our loyalty. Not anymore.

The People Who Run The World Have No More Tolerance For Bothersome Liberties and Democracy This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated

I will categorically defy all mask mandates from governments federal or local.

I will categorically defy all efforts to force me to comply with illegal mask mandates by private business.

I will categorically defy all efforts to discriminate against, control, harass, track, or limit the freedoms of those who have abstained from the vaccine.

And if it comes to war, I will take up arms in defense of my freedoms against an illegal government.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth