I Support Freedom

Full disclosure. I got the vaccine. Voluntarily. I don’t buy the conspiracy theories at all. I did my diligence, saw it (mRNA tech) was revolutionary. So I got the vaxx. I have had COVID twice and recovered. I did not wish to get it a third time. I had the notion that it would give me leverage to use against mask Nazis and defy mandates. So far, they either don’t believe the masks work (they don’t), or they don’t believe the vaccines work (they do), or both, so they want to keep the mandates going forever. Because this long ago stopped being about public health. It is the world’s swift descent into totalitarianism.

I will not patronize businesses who mandate vaccines. Even though I am vaxxed. That is a private medical decision and it is none of their business. They have no right to ask about vaccines, or to mandate anybody take any substance into their body. I support the right of my fellow Americans to pursue any line of treatment they deem to be in the best interest of their own health and their families, other than the vaccine, or including the vaccine. We have to take our stand against tyranny. Or lose what little remains of our liberty forever.


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