The Fascists Want Us Dead

Because of course they do. We stand diametrically opposed to all their godless, heathen, Communist fantasies. We know that should their delusions become reality, re-education camps, gulags, even genocide are not out of the realm of possibility. There can be no compromise when “our democracy” is everything the Dems want, nothing we want, because everything we want is invariably “homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist and racist.” How can you share a country with people who do not believe in any of the natural laws outlined in the Bill of Rights? So we have to go, by one means or another.

They will take our children and brainwash them into radicalized Maoists in their government schools. They will destroy our livelihoods. They will bury us under onerous regulations and mountains of bureaucracy. They will harass us, restrict us, cancel us, until we submit. And when that fails, they will send ANTIFA goons and BLM terrorists to burn our cities, loot our businesses and murder us if they can. Our government as it presently exists views the part of America, the American part, the part that believes in fair play and limited government and personal responsibility and individual rights, the MAGA part, as enemies of the State. 

We can’t live in this country alongside people who hate us. So our options are conquer and destroy that side, or go our separate ways.

But do you really think they will simply let us go? Not likely. 

Blue America’s Messaging Problem


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