God Bless the Right

Yesterday saw one of the greatest evils of my generation, 1973’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision, overturned in a 5-4 majority of the Supreme Court. It means that the States, not a Court, get to choose their own abortion laws. My state has already banned the practice of murdering babies because their mothers would not assume responsibility for a child their actions helped create. This is a momentous day. A day most of us never thought we’d see in our lifetimes. 

I am still processing my thoughts on this, but I will attempt to put some of it into words.

I am the product of an unplanned pregnancy. I am alive because my mother chose not to abort me. I was adopted by a godly man and woman, and raised to honorable adulthood. So my perspective on abortion is from the side of the unborn child. I am, I confess, quite prejudiced towards the needs of the unborn. I think that a society which cannot safeguard the rights and welfare of its most innocent and helpless members, is a society unworthy of the designation “civilized.” 

When Trump began his campaign for President in 2015, I became aware that an opportunity could present itself for him to appoint 2, maybe 3 justices to the Supreme Court. This would mean that if he succeeded in shifting the balance of power on the federal bench away from liberal (Communist) judges to strict Originalist judges, then we could potentially see the end of Roe. I was also aware of the case moving its way up from Mississippi, so the possibility was real. When I cast my vote, it was with this singular goal in mind. Everything else the man accomplished, and the list is long, was a bonus. Ending the illegal federal mandate of abortion was the goal. 

And he has done it. 

So for all the people who rebuked me for voting for a “man like Trump” – I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE ALL WRONG!!

If it was up to all you values voters, we’d have been saddled with Jeb Bush as our candidate who would have promptly lost to Hillary Clinton, and the federal bench would be rubber stamping every pro-pedophile policy her administration could come up with.

Never let them forget – the monstrous practice of abortion has claimed the lives of 63 million unborn Americans. All so a lot of perverts could avoid the responsibility of raising the offspring that GOD DESIGNED SEX to create. This, in spite of numerous methods available to avoid conception. These inhuman monsters wanted to keep the so-called “right” to murder infants all the way up to moments before birth, for any reason at all. Most commonly because the woman “wasn’t ready to be a mother.” We have slaughtered babies wholesale as long as I have been alive. And the majority of those were black. Margaret Sanger in her wildest racist dreams never could have envisioned what we have wrought since 1973 as a nation.

I am astounded that God has brought such a day to pass. I thought for sure we were on the brink of His divine judgement. The oceans of innocent blood we have collectively shed since 1973 cry out for justice. And the wrath of God will not sleep forever. Perhaps this means God intends to allow revival and repentance. I certainly hope so. In any case, we can rejoice at God’s mercy, and continue to work to build a better country, one where the tiniest individuals of our nation are rightly protected. I have no desire to live in a country that will not.

God bless the right.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth