Current Events 07-15-2022

We Live In a Communist Country Now Because George Floyd Killed Himself With a Drug Overdose Floyd Void

I was personally called a white supremacist for daring to suggest that, given the media lying about other racially charged deaths of black criminals (i.e. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin), we should give it a few weeks for all the data to become known before jumping to any conclusions. And I WAS RIGHT. George Floyd had 4 TIMES the fatal dose of fentanyl in his blood when he died of cardiac arrest. He killed himself. Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong. I am estranged from family members STILL because of George Floyd, and the Racial Identity Cult that has grown up in our country since Obama.

Michelle Obama is a Fraud, But Not For the Reasons You Think Michelle Obama’s Changing Sexual Identity

The Sexual Identity Cult, and the Broader Critical Theory Cult, Is the New Fascism of the Totalitarian Left LGBT Activist Group Says There Isn’t Enough Censorship on Social Media

Let’s Make America Florida Again Gavin Newsom’s Weird Idea of ‘Freedom’

Transgenderism is Pure Misogyny What is a TERF, and why does it matter in today’s political climate?

And That Right There Is Why Corporations Want to Pay For Murder Tourism It costs $20,000 to give birth in the US, study finds

The J6 “Insurrection” Was A False Flag The Hidden Agenda Behind the New York Times’ Desperate Puff Piece on Ray Epps

Our Government is a Cabal of Thieves and Pedophiles Wealth Through Theft; Times are going to be rough, because our government has done a massive damage, an unbelievable amount of stealing and borrowing that we, ultimately, will have to pay for.

Homeschooling is No Longer an Option Homeschooling as a Safe Haven


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