Current Events 08-27-2022

Of Course the Stasi Will Attempt to Entrap Us WARNING: MAGA, The FBI Is Going to Try to Entrap You, Don’t Take the Bait

They arrest the President or harm him in any way, it will mean war. They can’t entrap armies.

Bring It, Dementia Patient Biden the uniter president speaks

What Happens When There Are No People Left to Tax? A new ‘devil’ of a problem for Planet Earth: vanishing humans

Until you’re married with children, you’re not really a real adult. DINCs are parasites. Whereas perverts are actively trying to destroy society.

Did You Really Think They Would Stop With Transgenderism? German Beastiality Buffs Demand Legalization Of Sex With Animals

Dems Sure Do Love Segregation Jim Crow goes woke; Political correctness has resuscitated racial segregation.

Berkeley should fly the Confederate flag, as befitting bigoted racists.

Red Wave Rising Democrats See Unicorns while the Red Wave Rises


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