Current Events 09-29-2022

Anybody Not On Board With Trump is a Traitor and Has No Place in Our Movement He’s Still the One

DeSantis Needs to Hold the Line in Florida Until 2028 – 2024 Is Trump’s Year DeSantis: MAGA Understudy or Saboteur?

Libertarians Are Useful Idiots Will Libertarian Candidates Again Deny GOP the U.S. Senate? The more powerful the Libertarian Party becomes, the more certain it is that they will turn America over to Democrats—rendering the majority sentiments of Americans politically irrelevant.

They are often hateful atheists who are as hostile to Christianity as Democrats. They are not friends of the America First agenda. And they never fail to take money from Leftist donors to help the Dems win close elections.

We Need To Make Suing For Libel Great Again Constitutional government demands a free but responsible media.

There needs to be consequences when an apparatchik lies. 

The Left Is About to Find Out Conservatives Defend Their Mountaintop

And for the LAST TIME, we are not conservatives. That movement is dead. We are patriots.


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