Current Events 11-15-2022

We Vote For Trump Because He Fights Post-Mortem By Thomas Kendall

We have been robbed. Time and again the Republicans have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. They are the party of Quislings. The party of compromise, cowardice and surrender. They are the France of political parties. I vote for Trump or I vote for nobody. I will back whatever party he belongs to. I am done with the GOP.

The Only Qualification Any Of Us Cares About – Will They Fight? Not Playing

If You’re Not For Trump, You Can’t Be in Our Movement 

We Need DeSantis to Hold the Line in Florida So They Don’t Cheat There Too DeSantis 2024? Think Again.

This is all a laser pointer on the wall. Trump vs DeSantis. That’s a non-starter. It is, and remains, Trump or nobody.

In No Case Can DeSantis Step Down as Governor Not Even Ron DeSantis Can Stop Donald J. Trump for President; No one is going to stop President Trump when no one could stop candidate Trump.

The GOP Will NOT Play to Win Forecast: GOP Victory But No Red Wave; The GOP will gain only a stunted majority in the House.

Adapt or Die Republican Leaders Have A Choice: Roll Back Early Voting And Mail-In Ballots Or Learn To Take Advantage Of Them

The McDunces Have to Go Republican Leadership Worse than Worthless

As do all form of mail-in ballots. 

Democracy is a Useful Tool An overview: “our democracy” is like a tram

So Long As They Can Keep Buying Votes and Manufacturing Ballots, We Will Never Win Anything Again Democracy WAS on the Ballot; Biden spent hundreds of billions of your money buying votes in the midterms.

It’s All Corrupted. Every Bit. Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated? How the Art World Showed Us It Was Coming


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