Current Events 12-01-2022

We Aren’t Fighting Political Parties A Common Misconception in Elections, The RNC and DNC Do Not Represent “Voters”, They Represent the Interests of Their Private Corporations

We are fighting the corporations that run them. That is the problem.

Taking the Black Pill I Used to Be Disgusted, Now I’m Just Tired

They Want to Rule Us If Marriage Can Mean Anything, It Will Soon Mean Nothing

This is how they do it.

There Are No “Gay” Rights To Its Eternal Shame, the GOP Hands Victory to the Dems on Gay Marriage; But what do you expect when advocates for “gay rights” like Ronna McDaniel run the party?

There are only special rights, and privileged classes. This is antithetical to an egalitarian republic.

Be Very Evil If Big Brother And Big Tech Can Team Up To Violate Political Opponents’ Privacy Over J6, They Can Do The Same To You

Apple isn’t off the hook either. They are actively co-operating with the Chinese Communist government to help them track and suppress dissidents.

I Am a Philosemite Too On Trump, Kanye, Biscuit, Jews, and Dinners; Donald John Trump is a Philosemite.

They Will Destroy America Before They Let Us Have It If You Really Wanted to Destroy the United States, Then . . .

We need a Purge.

The Settlement of the New World By Protestant Englishmen Is One of the Best Things That Ever Could Have Happened The myth of the ‘stolen country’; What should the Europeans have done with the New World?

Anybody who says different is a liar and a Marxist.


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