Current Events 12-06-2022

Get Married. Make Babies. Stop Virtue-Signaling and Prioritize Real Marriage

Real marriage. One man. One woman. God recognizes nothing else. Neither do I. Christians, stop appropriating heathen culture and ideologies.

Russia Makes America Look Weak Putin Signs Into Law Sweeping Ban On “LGBT Propaganda”

Why can’t WE stop the grooming of children like Putin has? Because the groomers are running the government, that’s why. Including Sniffy Joe, the Groomer-in-Chief.

Don’t Stop Fighting Though Not Victorious, The Christian Right’s Consistent Resistance To Child Sexualization Has Been Vindicated

Until Jesus turns up and the Church is removed from the world, WE HAVE A JOB TO DO. We occupy until He returns. OCCUPY. Not capitulate to the servants of demons.

It Is ABSOLUTELY a Violation of the 1st Amendment Censorship by Surrogate: Why Musk’s Document Dump Could be a Game Changer

I Love This Dude. The Electrifying Musk

If You Can’t See This And Aren’t Bothered By It, You’re Either a Fool Or You Are In On the Steal Yes, the 2020 Election Was Stolen

Just killing time until the shooting starts.

TIL: The Constitution Does Not Forbid Election Fraud President Trump Was Correct About the Constitution and Elections – Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Shows Why

Once the fraud has been certified, you have no legal recourse short of armed revolution like is happening in Brazil.

The Fix is In That stench from Arizona grows

When a Democrat candidate won’t debate, won’t campaign, it means they already know – the fix is in.

Journalism is Dead How Corrupt Is a Corrupt Media?

The entire corporate news media are merely tools of the regime. Free press is a thing of the past.


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