Current Events 01-21-2023

The GOPe Roadmap Giddy up – If I Can See It, So Can President Trump – Thus, the 2024 Trump Campaign Kick-off in South Carolina

It Doesn’t Matter Who We Run if They Won’t Fix Election Fraud What Elections Won’t Fix

It Cannot Be DeSantis in 2024 DeSantis 2024 Is a Trap; If voter fraud is not addressed, it doesn’t matter who the candidate is, because democracy in America won’t exist.

DeSantis is being backed by the same big money corporate interests that backed Jeb. And Marco Rubio. He’s the anointed candidate. Handpicked to lose by close margins to the Democrat. After they broom Joe Biden. He needs to stay governor for all 8 years. We have to keep Florida secured so it doesn’t get the Arizona treatment.


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