Current Events 02-22-2023

This Is America’s Future, Unless We Stop It Now, And For Good South Africa — The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory” — Officially Implodes

Africans are incapable of running a modern country. That’s the lesson to be learned. Their various cultures won’t allow it. And until the culture changes (i.e. the total abolition of tribalism), nothing in Africa will ever change. Burn, Loot, Murder is all they seem to know how to do. All the brightest and best leave if they can, leaving nations full of the dumbest, most violent, and corrupt.

When They Don’t Mention Race, You Know the Perp is Black – Every Time Racism in reporting: when they don’t tell you the race…

Black people have to take the self-inflicted problems of their so-called “black community” serious. Until they do, and as long as they keep blaming pale Americans like me, I will continue to not care.

This is Pure Racism The Dead End of Reparations

When will I be getting my reparations for all the Irish slaves brought to America?

Who Could Have Ever Seen This Coming? Kavanaugh Accuser Admits to Lying, Faces Criminal Charges

This is Why We Call It GloboHomo The War on Insensitivity

They Are Our Schools. We Were FORCED to Pay For Them. We Must Take Them Back. The Right Cannot Afford to Abandon Public Education; Our schools and universities are ours. We built them, we paid for them, and we want them back.


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