Current Events 04-08-2023

We Are Nearly Out of Road The Point of No Return; With the precedent shattered, the onus now falls on the “deplorables” of the American Right to recognize that the United States is at the point of no return when it comes to weaponizing government.

The only explanation I can think of for why the Left doesn’t fear being prosecuted in the future in the same way is they must believe very soon there won’t be elections. They have nothing to fear because very soon, we won’t be able to dislodge them from power. And may already be there.

Do You Care Enough About Your Country To Fight to Save It? Trump, Martyr of the Republic? Donald Trump is now the friend of every man who holds any love in his heart for his forefathers’ country, of which we may be witnessing the last days.

It’s a Maoist Glorious Revolution A Pandemic of Cognitive Dissonance

Remember the French Revolution Donald Trump, Tiberius Gracchus, And America’s Imminent End

The people who build the guillotines often get executed on them.

The Left is ANTI-LIFE We need to talk about extreme antinatalism; Childfree doomsters believe life is suffering

These People are the Enemy – We are WAY Past the Point of Reasoning Friends and Enemies

This Is Not Hyperbole or Conspiracies – THEY WANT TO KILL US Is This Your Radicalization Moment?

The Unelected Bureaucratic State Who’s “They”?

The UniParty is only the public facing aspect of it.


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