Current Events 06-14-2023

The Republic Has Fallen On Trump And Everything Else, The Regime Has Gaslighted America Into Oblivion

This Is a Pagan Cult, Now the State Mandated Religion of Pagan America The American And Rainbow Flags Stand For Two Incompatible Definitions Of ‘Liberty,’ And Only One Can Rule Us

The Emerging Religion of the Beast Queering Jesus: How It’s Going Mainstream at Progressive Churches and Top Divinity Schools

Because They Are Pedophiles Who Reproduce Through Grooming Why Does The Left Insist LGBT Activism Means Exposure To Kids?

God Bless Those Gamers Gamers Big and Small are Standing up Against Activist Attempts to Indoctrinate Children

Black People Had a Chance to Rise Up, Take Their Place in Society, Be Better – They Chose Black Marxism Instead Black Comedians Told Uncomfortable Truths That Came to Naught

A New Perspective on Warren G Harding (Woodrow Wilson Is Still a Racist Demagogue) Woodrow the Terrible, Warren the Good; The Upside-down Sensibilities of Presidential Historians. Plus, Tatum and “Tiger Rag.”


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