Current Events 07-25-2023

A Call to Arms The Constitution, Citizenship, and the New Right

The sheer cowardice and compliance of the modern church is disgusting, sufficient to make God puke.

The Modern Left is the Same Old Fascism Progressivism is Fascism without Virtue

This Is On Purpose Biden’s End Game? – Kensington, Philadelphia; The fentanyl epidemic that is destroying America.

Barbie is a Terrible Movie – Don’t Take Your Girls to See It, Ever Barbie and the Left’s War on Childhood; Adults who refuse to grow up are ruining childhood.

Shrill, Toxic, EVIL, Misandrists (Like on Barbie) Politico masculinity issue is unintended parody

USPS Is Simply the Front Organization For Democrat Ballot Harvesting Fraud For Democrats, Path To Vote-By-Mail Victory Runs Through The Postal Service

No More Dentures Tooth Regrowing Treatment to Begin Human Trials Next Year; The treatment involves targeting the protein that turns off tooth regeneration.

“Green” Energy Is Worse For the Environment Than Regular Old Energy Ever Was Solar Panels Are Three Times More Carbon-Intensive Than IPCC Claims; Ecoinvent, the world’s largest database on the environmental impact of renewables, has no data from China, even though it makes most of the world’s solar panels


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