Current Events 08-02-2023

We Are No Longer Governed By Consent Donald Trump: The Real Victim of the Russiagate Hoax Wasn’t Me. It Was the American People

They Have Criminalized Contesting Fraud Elections The Trump Indictment Criminalizes Political Dissent; Is it legal to disagree with Democrats? The Jan 6 indictment says it isn’t.

Nearly the Whole Government Should Be Jailed or Executed For Treason Truth, Accuracy, and Election Fraud

We Can’t Trust Our Election System Beware the ‘Long Count’

Dehumanization Preceding Extermination How the Establishment Uses ‘Hate and Fear’ to Manipulate Voters

It Will End With Blood What is the Future for America’s Experiment with Democracy? The United States is now on what many believe to be an unsustainable course

The GOP Are Maggots Feeding on the Corpse of Reagan Statism and the New Right

Derek Chauvin Did Nothing Wrong We Need to Talk About Derek

They stole an election, along with COVID, and engaged in ACTUAL insurrection over an overweight junkie who managed to kill himself in police custody with a fentanyl overdose. George Floyd was the martyr of 2020’s color revolution.

Yes He Could Alarm Goes Out: Trump Could Win


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