Current Events 11-10-2023

They Hate Jews For One Very Simple Reason: JESUS CHRIST Hamas Terrorist Attack Drove the Left’s Growing Antisemitism Into the Open; It has no place in our great nation

True, it has no place. But then, neither does anti-white racism, or hate for Christianity.

The Enemy is Us How The ‘Brutal Minds’ Staffing Our Universities Brainwash The Next Generation

Fight or Die Barbarism Is Winning

The Tranniefesto Was Written By an Anti-White Bigot Who Identifies as Transgender Deep State is coming after Steven Crowder for releasing “trans manifesto,” but he’s fearlessly doubling down…

She merely DID what the Left has been TALKING about for years.

We Need More Like Him To Understand Mike Johnson, Look to Small-Town Louisiana; ‘Mike is a different cut’: 1,200 miles from Washington, friends and neighbors shed light on what drives the new Speaker of the House.


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