Current Events 11-29-2023

The Walked Here First Nations WERE Savages Contrary To Leftist Revisionism, Native American Culture Was Indeed ‘Savage’

Even the so-called “peaceful” Eastern tribes. They had not even developed the wheel. THE FRICKIN WHEEL. The one exception would be the Cherokee, but only because they had fully assimilated into Western culture. So the Democrats under Andrew Jackson killed them.

Make Better Humans Natural Eugenics

Making a PRO-natalist society is the only hope of escaping the doom the progressives are bringing.

That’s Because the FBI are Faggots Trad Catholic Family Dragged Out of Home at Gunpoint, Locked in Van After FBI ‘Goaded’ Teen to Post Offensive Memes, Dad Says

Have a care online. Do not doxx yourself. Do not give out personal details. Maintain your anonymity. Then you can talk how you please and the people of uncertain parentage cannot come after you.

This Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg 😀 Disney got Microsoft to change its AI image generator because people were making too many savage Pixar-style posters

You magnificent memelords.

They Don’t Only Hate Jews Jew-Haters Loathe All Of Western Civilization, Not Just Israel

They hate everything the Jewish nation has produced (i.e. the religion of Jesus Christ the Messiah).

WE Are Being Colonized by Bolsheviks and Maoists Dear Liberals: The Question of Colonization

Darn Tootin’ We’re Going to Do Unto You Don’t Do Unto Others What We Would Have Done to Them?


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