Current Events 05-22-2024

It’s All About the Sodomites Civil Rights Stay Gay

We Made a Grave Error as a Nation Being “Tolerant” of Deviants – Taboos Exist For a Reason Germany’s Decriminalization Of Child Porn Reminds Us Why We Need Societal Taboos

The Censorship Industrial Complex Is Much Bigger Than We Realized Note to Readers: That Eerie Silence; Getcha popcorn ready.

We Are Tired of All The Lies People Have Woken up

It Is Time to Wage War on the Pagan Death Cult of the Left ‘We Must Stop Being Afraid’

The FBI Is the American Stasi – They Must Be Abolished, Not Reformed Some People Surprised – The FBI Was Prepared to Use Deadly Force Against Trump Security Detail During Mar-a-Lago Raid to Regain Deep State FBI/DOJ Secrets

There Is No Way Oswald Made That Shot A Forensic Analysis Of The X-Rays of JFK’s Skull Yields Surprising Results


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