Events. Of a current nature.

Current Events 05-06-2017

Our Society and Courts Can Find Numerous Imaginary Rights Within the Constitution, But Cannot Perceive the One Right Deemed So Important It Came FIRST Trump Protects Religious Liberty

OMG, The Man’s a Creationist and Had Disparaging Things to Say About Perverts Mark Green withdraws his nomination for Army secretary

So I guess simply adhering to one’s traditional Christian beliefs is deemed sufficient grounds to render one unfit for service!? Meanwhile, pedophiles and rapists are free to remain in government and flourish there provided they kiss the liberal ring.

Real Law is Impossible When Moral Absolutes No Longer Govern Anybody Fake Law; How Trump-hatred warps the judiciary.

We Wouldn’t Need to Secede If Government RESPECTED STATE’S RIGHTS!! Despite Secession Talk, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Current Events 05-05-2017

Real Cures, As Opposed to Fake Cures Designed to Increase the Market For Baby Parts How Crispr Could Snip Away Some of Humanity’s Worst Diseases

The Very Definition of Fake News No, the AHCA Doesn’t Make Rape a Preexisting Condition

The Only Possible Way This Could Work Would Be a Mass Exodus Repeal and Replace the Republican Party

I still think we need to surgically remove the RINOs, and take back our party from the moderates.

Current Events 05-03-2017

Nothing Remains Crack-proof Forever ‘First Pirated Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disk’ Appears Online. AACS 2.0 Cracked?

Hope For a Cure CRISPR Eliminates HIV in Live Animals

Betrayal Rand Paul on Omnibus Spending Bill: ‘President Hillary Clinton Would Have Been Proud of This Bill’

What began with Trump in the White House must continue with the GOP. All Obama era holdovers and RINOs have to go. We need a culling in 2018.

Everybody Else Considers You a Freak ‘I consider myself trans-species’

Progressivism Has Always Been About Social Engineering Bill Nye, the Eugenics Guy

Fraud The Renewable Rip-Off

Current Events 04-29-2017

#Groupthink is the Enemy of Liberty Sean Hannity: ‘Media facism’ is coming after you next

Liberals are only feeling burned because up until now, they were never called on their fascism. Now they are. When they hit with their hate, hit back harder with truth! Never go along to get along!

This Revolution Will Take Time. The Train Has No Brakes. Trump’s First 100 Days: A Spiritual Triumph

No, It’s Not MST3K. “Out of his mind” surgeon plans human head transplant, revival of frozen brain

Current Events 04-19-2017

They Wish There is no real evidence that Trump voters are turning on Trump

Still Don’t Know Why They Lost Democrats begin to wonder: When do we win?

We Don’t Need Syrian Refugees – We Need To End the War So Syrians Can Go Home How the U.S. Can End the Syrian Civil War

Teachers Unions Are Hindering Education Go to Bad Schools, Go to Prison: The Teacher Union’s Dirty Little Secret