Events. Of a current nature.

Current Events 08-02-2017

We Are the Majority – This Time We Acted Like It The dirty little secret that is haunting Democrats

The Democrats only message seems to be “We’re better than you.”

Piss Poor Leftist Religion The Identity Crisis of the American Left

The Beatings Will Continue Until Thinking Improves Can A Conservative Conduct An Orchestra?

Academia Is a Crooked System That Has Been Given a Pass on Its Corruption For Too Long Trump Justice Department Preparing To Crack Down on College Affirmative Action

Can’t Let a SOVEREIGN Nation Decide For Itself Anything Leaked George Soros Plan to Turn Ireland into a Pro-Abortion Country

Current Events 08-01-2017

Bring It The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 2

I’m starting to think the Left might just be that crazy.

Leftists Love Their Slave Labor Inside the illegal death traps where poor Hamptons workers live in squalor

Get the illegals out, put poor Americans to work.

Nazism is American Made What Hitler Learned from the Democrats

Mandatory Minimum Distances U.S. Gov’t Ordered To Solve ‘Case Of The Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat’

Taxation is Theft How Missouri’s special taxing districts promote “legal plunder.”

The Mentally Ill Don’t Belong in the Military Transforming America — and the Military — One Tweet at a Time

Current Events 07-31-2017

Fake Psychology Take the Politics Out of Classifying Mental Disorders

Because mental illness has been politicized, these mentally ill people will never get the help they need.

They Will Keep Moving the Goalposts What Is normal? What Is Abnormal? Who Decides?

When does it end?

End Congressional Exemption Obamacare: Time for Trump to Make Congress Share Our Pain; The President has the authority to eliminate its illegal exemption immediately.

I Would Love To See Them Try The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 1

God Forbid Males Be Permitted to Feel Manly Feminist Says Dunkirk Is A Bad Movie Because It Screams ‘Men-Only’

Lying Liars Republican Senators Prove to America They Are Nothing But Filthy Liars

Current Events 07-29-2017

There Needs to Be Serious Consequence for Rape. Likewise for False Accusations of Rape. Discredited, the Legend of Mattress Girl Just Won’t Go Away

This Sick Charade Has Been Shown Undue Tolerance For Too Long Gender Debate Reveals Why the Left Must Be Defeated

We can’t coexist with the Left. We must utterly defeat and discredit them, remove them from all positions of power and influence.

No War Hero PAYBACK: White House Officials Say John McCain Leak Investigation Should Proceed

Current Events 07-27-2017

Pure and Simple Pediatrician: ‘Transgender Ideology’ Causes ‘Child Abuse’

Way to Go @POTUS! Transitioning Transgender Soldiers’ Medical Expenses 14 Times Higher than Average

Words Mean Things The Tower of Gender Babble

There are only two genders.

We Must Stand and Remain Unmoved By the Groupthink Apostate: Sinners Outside the Leftist Anti-Church; We’re going to punish the wicked.

The Religion of the Left is Narcissism Do We Need More Tolerance, Or Do We Just Need Less Narcissism?

The Six GOPe Traitors Who Voted To Be De-Elected The Six Senate Republicans Who Flip-flopped in Favor of Obamacare

Current Events 07-26-2017

The Wealthy West Feels Totally OK With Having One Standard For Themselves and Another For Poor African Countries Enemies of Humanity

These Pack of Liars and Frauds Are Why We Call Them #FakeNews One Year Later, Journalists Exposed By WikiLeaks Carry On As Before

Quality Education Is For the Wealthy – Not For Us Teachers Union President Thinks You’re a Racist if You Yank Your Kids from Their Crappy Schools

How DARE we try to secure a better future for our children!

#FireMueller Fire Mueller

If Sessions Won’t Do the ONE Thing He Was Appointed to Do, Then He Needs to Be Removed Attorney General Jeff Sessions Deserves All the Public Hell Trump Can Dish Up

We Have to Stop Acting Like the Left Has the Right To Dictate to Us, Never Themselves, How to Behave Always Do More of What the Media Forbids; That should be one of the organizing principles of the Trump administration.

What REALLY Horrifies Them Is That They’ve Already Lost This Generation Trump Critics ‘HORRIFIED’ Over Trump’s Wild Speech To The Boy Scouts

Stop Pretending This Has Anything to Do With Faux Marriage – They Targeted This Business To Create Test Cases In Order to End Religious Liberty In America Lesbian Couple Turned Away From Bridal Boutique; Shop Gets One Star Ratings And Death Threats

Current Events 07-25-2017

Green-Coated Marxism, Like All Marxism, Is About Elevating the Oligarchy While Keeping the Peasants Poor and Miserable Why the Greens Lost, and Trump Won

American politics and academia has become dominated by multiple entrenched belief systems that are divorced from reality, practicality, and science. It is #FakeScience all the way. Also, Trump is an AWESOME President.

Why Is the Richest Country in the World So Very, Very Poor? Here’s One Reason. “Shrinkflation” – How Food Companies Implement Massive Price Hikes Without You Ever Noticing

What is the Answer? Economic Growth. Is Trump’s Goal Of 3% Growth Realistic? You Bet It Is

The Racist Dems Are the Only Ones Who Have a Problem With This On My 40th Wedding Anniversary, I Saw How Much Race In America Has Changed

It’s Called Fiscal Responsibility, Stupid Libtards. Trump Cancels a Failed CIA Operation—It’s Gotta Be the Russians!

Why Are Taxpayers Still Subsidizing the Butchery and Sale of the Unborn? Woman Who Had Abortion At Planned Parenthood: Defund Them. Now. “Planned Parenthood treated me like a number toward their quota.”

Current Events 07-21-2017

Of Course They Are – That Was Always The Goal Yes, Gay Activists Want to Punish Christian Conservatives

This is war. It’s a war we must fight. It’s a war we must win. The 1st Amendment is at stake.

Delicious Hate Sandwiches Professor Labels Chick-fil-A ‘Fried Food For Homophobes’

Nothing is quite so refreshing with a homophobia sandwich as a nice tall glass of liberal tears.

Tasty Hate Sandwich

This Is Why We Must Fight Be Worried About the Future of Free Expression; There’s a growing, and troubling, acceptance of speech restrictions among millennials and Democrats.

There are only two genders.

We Can’t Spare Him He Fights

Current Events 07-20-2017

A Chilling and Prescient Novel 10 Things You Never Knew About Orwell’s 1984

We have 1984, alive and well in our culture right now. Groupthink is Political Correctness. Enemies of the State are anybody who refuses to accept groupthink as truth. Massive state-sponsored surveillance of its citizens. Pointless wars to enrich the oligarchy. Feminazis. Politicization of sex. Government indoctrination of schoolchildren. Revisionist history. Re-definition of words. Obliteration of absolute truth. Splintering of the nuclear family. And on and on.

That’s FRANK-en-steen. The man who wants to bring the BRAIN DEAD back to life: Scientist whose life’s work will be used by US company that’s ready to start trials to ‘reanimate living cadavers’ in Latin America (and they’ve already got volunteers)

What Are You Afraid of, Democrats? Donald Trump Declares Importance of ‘One Citizen, One Vote’ at First Election Integrity Commission Meeting

The Only Votes Being Suppressed Are Votes for the Dead and Illegal Immigrants Democrats Keep Lying About Voter Suppression. These 5 Facts Show It Isn’t Happening. It’s their way to silence discussion about voter fraud.

The Ministry of Truth Must Be Shuttered Breitbart’s Boyle: Our Goal Is the ‘Elimination of the Entire Mainstream Media’

This Is The Last Stop Before Civil War The People’s Constitutional Solution to Fixing Washington

Current Events 07-19-2017

Transgenderism is Mental Illness Redefining ‘Transgenderism’ as Normal Behavior

There is an organized push in our culture to make this the new normal. This begs the question. What will the next new ‘normal’ be, and how will the real normals be persecuted for refusing to comply? Will it be pedophiles next, or polyandry, or bestiality? One wonders how many dark corners of that infamous closet remain to “come out”.

Porn With Dragons Buzzkill Alert: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Pornography, And Your Life Won’t End If You Stop Watching

I’ve never watched it. Can’t. Because of the pornography, and also the rape. I can’t see how anyone can justify this. This reminds me of another thing of late – the revelation that Doctor Who will change genders next season to become a woman. I expressed my upset over this on Twitter under the hashtag of #NotMyDoctor. I got the usual response one expects in today’s enlightened, civil, fair-minded culture. 


Not in 32 seasons of Doctor Who was there ever even a HINT that Galifreyans (that’s the race of time gallivanting near immortal aliens to which the Doctor belongs) were NOT Gender Binary (that’s the new code phrase for normal biology). Evidently, with Season 6 Episode 4 “The Doctor’s Wife”, the Pandora’s Box was opened, and the previously biologically male, biologically female Time Lords and Ladies are now Gender Fluid. I found an article from back then, on the not at all conservative It confirmed what I suspected – this a recent development. Basically it’s a retcon of an established character.

Now, why would I even care about a fictional character, you might ask? Never mind that I have loved this show since the 1980’s and grew up watching it, and they just, in my opinion, wiped their asses with it. It boils down to this, and the above article brings it up: Christians are not welcome. It has been made abundantly clear, we cannot have anywhere or anything that’s ours. And anything that we may have previously enjoyed, like a British children’s science fiction show for example, will eventually be co-opted and corrupted. Anything that stands unmolested must eventually be corrupted because the only criminal thing anymore in a world with no moral absolutes is refusing to bow to the groupthink and give up our silly notions of religion and faith.

America Cannot Remain Divided Forever – It Won’t End Well The Fifth American War

The Beatings Will Continue Until Thinking Improves BUSTED! Flight Attendant Group Reveals Ann Coulter Was ‘Targeted On Purpose’ In Seat Fiasco

We Need to Repeal and Replace the GOP Mitch Mcconnell Has Run Out Of Excuses For Not Accomplishing Anything

2018 is Coming Useless Cowardly Grifters: ‘GOP Congress Will Be The Most Unproductive In 164 Years’