Events. Of a current nature.

Current Events 01-20-2021

Exactly How Dictators Are Installed The Barbed-Wire Curtain Descends; The people in control of the new president are intent on robbing us of America.

Don’t Listen to Their Lies PsyOps In The War Against The Right

I Have Several Thousand Rounds That Say Different Democrats Are Framing Americans As Domestic Terrorists So They Can Do To Us What They Did To Trump In Spygate; Democrats have moved swiftly to use the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol mayhem to push for a frightening expansion of federal surveillance and police powers, openly smearing anyone who voted for Donald Trump as a potential terrorist. 

The Ministry of Truth Requires Purity Why the Left Has to Suppress Free Speech

Can’t Censor If We Don’t Use Them Don’t Worry, It’s Just Corporate Fascism; Censorship is censorship, whether committed by the state or anyone else.

For Now The Old Order Returns

And they’ll be the first against the wall after the Revolution happens.

This Government is Illegal Not An ‘Administration’. A Regime.

That’s Because He Did Americans Remain Convinced Trump Won

By a lot.

Until Next Time Trump’s Final Day; Goodbye, President Trump, and God bless you.

Current Events 01-18-2021

The GOP Cannot Be Allowed to Continue Why the Right will Neither Forgive nor Forget

This betrayal, which will probably destroy the country, cannot stand. They must pay a severe political price. All the traitors. They can’t serve in any political capacity ever again. And if possible, we need to make a new party and do away with the GOP entirely. They have betrayed us all.

NeverTrumpers are the Biggest Traitors If You Wanted Joe Biden, You Get Him, and You Don’t Get to Complain

They sold us out. All of us. It’s why we call it a Uniparty. Because they may as well be Democrats.

Worse Than Useless GOP Leaders in D.C. Don’t Represent 74 Million Trump Voters

If elected officials won’t do anything their voters elected them to do, then why do we keep voting for them, or giving them money or support? What good are they?

We Are As 3rd World As Uganda Our Presidential Election Wasn’t Too Different from Third World Uganda’s

This Was Not an Election – It Was a Coup Fascism is Back

And now the reprisals are going to begin. And the show trials. And the gulags. That’s how Communist takeovers work.

Laws Don’t Matter When Elections Are Stolen And Fraud is Certified Can Democrats Purge GOP ‘Insurrectionists’?
No, but their obvious desire to do so is a threat to the republic.

I think the damage is already done. Why should any law, any rule, be followed when the coup has happened and the bad guys won?

This Is Not An Inauguration – It Is The Coronation of a Dictator No Thanks, I’ll Be Skipping the Inauguration

Current Events 01-14-2021

Our New Communist Overlords Save the Constitution From Big Tech; Congressional threats and inducements make Twitter and Facebook censorship a free-speech violation.

The Government cannot censor us directly, so they use their partners in Big Tech to accomplish what they are legally forbidden to do. This is censorship like you see in China. But, no shock here, most of these lawmakers are on the Chinese payroll. Our country has been conquered by China without a single shot fired.

Vermin Have No Rights How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler; In the last three months, tech giants have censored political speech and journalism to manipulate U.S. politics, while liberals, with virtual unanimity, have cheered.

We don’t need permission from ANYBODY to speak, publish, gather, worship, or petition our government for a redress of grievances. That is how the 1st amendment works.

Twitter is the Mouthpiece For Literal Terrorists, But That’s Okay The threats and violence Twitter won’t police

The double standards are so massive they exert their own gravitational force.

Current Events 01-13-2021

The Capitol Riot Was Staged Here’s what really happened before the incursion into the Capitol

The President had not even finished speaking. The people who forced their way in were already there before anybody from the Save America rally had even walked up there. Which the President told them to do peaceably, for the purpose of “cheering the Republican lawmakers on”. Total false flag.

Our New Communist Overlords Do Not Allow Dissent The Reason for Ron Paul’s Suspension from Facebook Is Revealed, and It’s Frightening

Most Americans Are Complicit, Just Like Most Germans The ‘Good American’; The Left is announcing that conservatives “do not belong” in our society. The parallels to 1933 are precise. And most good Americans are keeping silent, just as did most Germans.

Textbook Fascism An Ascendant Left Silences and Excludes Its Enemies

We Have a Name for Them – Quislings The Salt That Has Lost Its Savor: The Woke Church and the Undoing of America; If abortion, infanticide, violence in our streets, election-rigging, and the evils of Marxism aren’t enough to rouse some churches, for what purpose do they exist?

Since when does the American church not speak out on political issues? Self-censoring cowards.

If You Sat This Out Or Sided Against Trump, You Sided With Moloch-Worshipping Baby Killers Focus on the Family President Reminds ‘Never-Trumper’ Christians That Elections Can Be Lethal for Unborn Babies

To my mind, you are no different than the Southern “Christians” who twisted Scripture to justify human slavery.

That Right There Is Why There’s No Bullets Boom: 21M guns sold in 2020, up 60%, women, blacks top buyers

This Is Exactly What Happened When the Nazis Took Over The Great Social Silencing

No internet obviously, but printing and radio, their mass media back then, yes.

You Have to Be Vigilant – Every Local Government Office Matters, No Matter How Small Leftists Are Colonizing Red Towns Like Mine, And Local Republicans Are Clueless; Complacency is a problem for east Tennesseans. They are so used to Republicans winning elections that they falsely assume victory is automatic. It is not.

Current Events 01-12-2021

The Nazis Won – The Weimar Republic is Doomed Fascism Comes to the U.S.; Yes, it’s a woke fascism of the Left, but it’s still fascism.

They Are Quislings What is the GOP’s Problem?

Wrongthink Must Be Punished Some Kind of Gestapo; Democrats, with the help of many Republicans, appear to be falling back on “some kind of Gestapo,” and let’s not credit it with being directed humanely.

The Constitution and the Votes of 75 Million Americans Were Cancelled The U.S. Might Soon Be Irretrievable

There is no America now.

What Really Happened on January 6th

Rudy Guiliani posted this earlier, and YouTube censored it. Here is a non-censored copy for your perusal.

Current Events 01-08-2021

We Are Betrayed The Worst of Days for Trump & Trumpists

We have no political voice. We have no votes. Our representatives have betrayed us. This government does not represent us. We owe it no more loyalty.

Traitors January 6, 2021, a Day that Will Live in Political Infamy

You took our votes from us. What did you think was going to happen?

The GOP Does Not Deserve to Exist Doing Better

We are all NeverRepublicans now.

We Owe No Allegiance to Fraud Congress Certifies Stolen Election
Republican Establishment ignores Pennsylvania evidence.

Our Chinese Overlords Will Not Tolerate Dissent Here Comes the Crackdown

Current Events 12-22-2020

Nope Can Democracy Hold Us Together?

If there’s no rule of law, our elections are fraudulent, no social compact, and half the country hates our country, our religion, and our God, then we have no nation.