Current Events 01-31-2012


………………… Sorry, Had to Pause A Moment to Wipe the Drool Off the Keyboard Serving up a special treat: Sonoran hot dogs


The only thing better than pork products are pork products wrapped in another pork product.


Yeah, They’re Called Natural History Museums We already have temples to atheism, Mr de Botton


State’s. Rights. Screw the Federal Government. Alaska proposes federal takeover of NYC’s Central ParkDeclaring turnabout is fair play, Alaskans tired of interference from ‘East Coast environmentalists’ offer a legislative retort.


I’m For That. An “Underfunded” Government is a Government Too Weak to Rob Its Citizens. Emboldened GOP wants to abolish state income taxes


I Wants It. First Look at Lego Gollum And The Rest of the Lord of the Rings Minifig Baddies



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