Current Events 07-15-2012


Thug Got Beat, By a 62 Year Old Woman Woman teaches teen attacker painful lesson


We’re raising a generation of violent, unprincipled hoodlums (*cough*Trayvon Martin*cough*). The “kid” got what was coming to him.


Did I Not SAY ALL ALONG That the WMD Were In Syria!!! Where Did Syria’s Chemical Weapons Come From?


And Yet, The Media and the Liberal Black Community Won’t Settle For Anything Less Than a Lynchin’. Ironic. FBI: No Racist Motive In Trayvon Killing


Cannibalism Alive and Well in the “Modern” World (As Is Slavery and Child Trafficking) 29 alleged Papua New Guinea cannibals charged with killing 7 over sorcery fees


Among Many Do atheists have a sexual harassment problem?



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