Current Events 07-17-2012


Triumphant Liberty Freed slave who penned sarcastic letter to old master after he was asked back to farm pictured for first time


It’s a shame the Republican party no longer remembers its abolitionist roots. We came off one of the greatest humanitarian triumphs in recent history, and promptly became a tool of corrupt business interests. I am weary of excuses. I am sick of weak politics. We either man up and decisively confront the evils of our day (excessive taxation is an evil, as is abortion and illegal immigration), or it’s time to form another party. I will not pay taxes if so much as one cent of my taxes goes to pay for government funded abortions. Get your head out of your collective rectums GOP, or I am done with you.


And That’s Why There’s Laws Allowing Private Citizens To Use Deadly Force To Defend Themselves Against Police Home Invasions Florida Police Knock on Wrong Door at 1:30 a.m. Without Identifying Themselves, Then Fatally Shoot Armed Resident


The West Doesn’t “Get” Africa African babies aren’t the threat



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