Current Events 10-26-2012


Can’t Say As I Disagree With the Man – Modern Currency is Worthless Prison May Be the Next Stop on a Gold Currency Journey


Huge Indictment of the 60% of Un-American Losers Who Don’t Vote WWII vet dies at age 93 after casting last ballot


Obama Is Your Average African Kleptocrat America’s Third-World Streak


Third-world, tribalist thinking has Africa in a death grip, and I don’t see it easing anytime soon. Obama has sought to export it to America to help himself, and others like him, to remain in power with ignorance, corruption, and a vague promise of looting rich whites to give to poor blacks. 


Liberal Thought Police Will Tolerate NO Dissent Opposing homosexual ‘marriage’ could cost you your job


The homosexual movement has ALWAYS been about the suppression of any ideologies, primarily religious ideologies, which oppose it’s jackbooted, facist march towards hegemony. 



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