Current Events 07-30-2014

Eugenics: America’s Dark Secret Idiocracy Is a Cruel Movie And You Should Be Ashamed For Liking It


The mythical redneck isn’t the real dummy. It’s the so-called “smart” people, who only think what they’re told, who don’t read, don’t study, and remain ignorant of the past who are the actual dum-dums. My equally intelligent wife and I have done our part, and are currently cultivating our own crew of educated, conscientious geniuses which we will in due course unleash upon a world full of sheeple to make their everlasting mark. They will repeat the process with their children and so change the world. All we had to do was reproduce, that thing that supposedly only “dumb” people do. 


Once Again, Europe Surrenders Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror



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