Current Events 07-31-2014

Human Slavery Same-Sex Marriage vs. Motherhood


We are required to believe evolution. The matter is “settled” and requires no more debate. So here’s the thing: how is homosexuality consistent with natural selection? How can a group of people with an “unchangeable, in-born” same-sex attraction reproduce without wombs? Are they going to evolve such an organ in their lower intestines for the males, or develop hermaphroditic reproductive organs for the females? I think not. If they can’t reproduce naturally, then they have no right to co-opt heterosexual wombs to further their own selfish desires. How is purchasing a womb not purchasing a baby? The whole of reality is expected to change to suit the wicked desires of a minuscule minority of the overall population, and they can’t even reproduce themselves without considerable assistance. It’s an evolutionary dead-end.



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