Current Events 09-22-2014

The Final, and Necessary, Reversal of the Age of Imperialism Scotland and Separatism

Success is There For Those Who Will Work to Get It – We Have to Stop Treating Minorities As Victims Caution Blacks: White Men at Large

Remember When America’s Blacks Had Pride in Their Achievements, Asked For Nothing, And Earned Their Piece of the Nation? Limbaugh’s Snerdly: ‘For Most Of Black People,’ ‘Good Ol’ Days’ Were Under Segregation

The GOP No Longer Deserves to Exist What Might Have Been: GOP Up In Midterm Intensity War

These Are the Same Jokers That Gave Us Two Terms of Obama The GOP Can Always Get Worse—And It Will (Midterm Election Copout Edition)

Well Why Not? ABJ (Anything But Jesus) Syndrome in Full Effect Anti-Religion Group & Satanic Temple to Distribute Materials in Public Schools

Indeed. And Lots of Other Things As Well. Climate Science Is Not Settled



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