Current Events 11-13-2104

Dude. Evolutionism Believes We’re ALL Part Ape. They Are ALL Fantastically Wrong. Fantastically Wrong: The Scientist Who Seriously Believed Criminals Were Part Ape

Inevitably, the end of evolutionism is racism. Darwin himself said as much in his books, especially his second one, The Descent of Man. The author of this article clearly believes that this was limited to the past, but the thick stench of racism still permeates everything evolutionists publish. We are not animals. We CAN control our behavior. We are not subject to genetic determinism. We are divine beings that bear the mark of our Creator, whether or not we always choose to rise to it.

Stifling Innovation – It’s What They Do What is the Biggest Barrier to Innovation in US? Government, Government, and Government.

This Is Why Research Into Genetics Is Critical Why Miracle Drugs Exist But You Can’t Have Them


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