Current Events 11-14-2014

♪ It’s Aluminum FOIL… ♪ Report: The U.S. is putting fake cell towers in planes to spy on people

And Yet At No Time Will Blame Be Placed Where it Belongs – With the Secularists One Nation Under Godlessness

This is Nothing Less Than HUMAN SLAVERY Daughter From Anonymous Donor Sperm: Surrogacy Industry May Violate ‘International Human Rights’

If someone has chosen to live in a perverse relationship, and found themselves a liberal judge to declare them “married”, this does not give them the right to reproduce since evolution has not granted them that power. As soon as their bodies develop some biological means to reproduce, they are free to generate offspring and raise them however they please. Until then, leave the production and raising of children to men and women joined in holy wedlock.

Misandry is Just as Evil as Misogyny The internet hates men, and no one’s a winner #everydaysexismagainstmen


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