Current Events 11-16-2014

Dirty Secret Shock Doc About Sexual Molestation in Hollywood Tries the Bryan Singer Case, Implicates Others– Much Worse Than Previously Described

This is the dark corner of the closet nobody in the so-called “gay” community wants to acknowledge – gay sex parties with minors. Children are bought and sold for sex around the world, and we all pretend it isn’t happening. Sexual contact between men and boys is still homosexual behavior, after all. Pederasty was a mainstay of ancient homosexual cultures like Greece and Rome, and it is becoming so again – once you let the camel in the tent, it will be nigh impossible to get him out. Not everything has left that horrid closet, but it will, and you won’t like the society it creates.

No Surprise There Hollywood Sex Abuse Doc ‘Not Likely’ to Get Distribution, Says Director

Now That’s Cool! Nifty Zipper Tubes That’ll Cure Your Cable Clutter


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