Current Events 11-22-2014

Vile The Undoing of Bill Cosby

It angers me, that he could do these things for so long and get away with it. It angers me, because I admired and respected the man. I am cruelly and bitterly disappointed, and outraged, and disgusted all at the same time. I don’t expect perfection from my heroes – far from it. I do expect that they don’t turn out to be serial rapists.

Double Standards Bill Cosby: Why Now?

America elected a serial rapist President for two terms. He suited the agenda of powerful people, so the victims were slandered and character assassinated and the media refused to talk about it. I can’t help but wonder why Cosby has become an issue now all these years later? I think Cosby’s stubborn respectability and success don’t suit the current political climate, which needs blacks to remain compliant victims, counted on to vote Democrat when the need arises. Democrats can’t have black people being educated, successful, and needing nothing from anyone, least of all government. Now that Cosby has provided his enemies with the means to destroy him, who will represent the ideal of the proud, no excuses, educated, well-spoken black American?


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