Current Events 12-12-2014

Finally, An Unwarranted Death of a Black Man That Can Be Exploited For Political Gain Congressional staff protest deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner

Somebody REALLY wants a race war. They tried it with Trayvon, but Zimmerman wasn’t white enough, and Trayvon wasn’t innocent enough. They tried again with Michael, but he turned out to be guilty as sin also. It got people all riled up, and provided some political capital for communist/racist agitators looking to riot. Now we have Eric Garner. This guy was absolutely not guilty of anything other than just standing around. He got chokeholded, it triggered cardiac arrest and he died. The officer who wrongly assaulted him and should have been indicted, but wasn’t, was white. It’s perfect. Politicians just love false outrage. Angry people are easy to control. Anybody with an offense and an axe to grind, who happens to be black, and wants a scapegoat to blame (evil white people), can be encouraged to rally around the flag of social injustice. It’s disgusting. Deal with violent cops. Deal with racism – real, not made-up racism, including the kind directed against whites. Spare us the self-serving rhetoric.

What I want to know is, where were all these “concerned” black politicians as the black community has spiraled into poverty and crime since the 70’s? What have they done about high crime, black-on-black violence, high teen pregnancy and high school dropout rates, and the disintegration of the family? I don’t think any of them really want any solutions, because if they didn’t have an angry, emotion-driven, ignorant mob around, they’d be out of a job. They make bank on this kind of stuff. Despicable.

All I know is, Jesus said that we are to “Love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength” and “Love our neighbor as much as ourself.” and if you do, you have fulfilled the whole Law. This is the solution. It has been since God made people.

Inexcusable After Torture Report, Our Moral Authority As a Nation Is Gone

Our government, as it exists, is just a game of Blue vs. Red. It is no longer representative. It is riddled with corruption and incompetence. The only purpose of government anymore is the preservation and expansion of government.

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