Current Events 01-25-2014

Back from vacation, so I guess that means I have to try to care about the news again, right? 🙂

Almost Tempts Me to Wear a Watch Again. So Cool. Leatherman’s New Wearable Tech Can Repair Your Wearable Tech

Same Thing That Happened to Ethics – It Was Murdered Whatever Happened to Phonics?

Stupid people are so much easier to deceive, you see.

The Whole ‘Gay’ Paradigm Is a Myth Crafted From Lies and Wrapped in Illusion Adults Raised by Gay Couples Speak Out Against Gay ‘Marriage’ in Federal Court

Children need a Mom AND a Dad, married to each other, and committed to each other and their offspring. Anything else damages children, solely to satisfy the wicked selfishness of a non-reproducing minority.

We Calls It Like God Sees It The Truth is Always ‘Offensive’

That’s why nearly all revolutions burn the Bibles and put the Christians up against the wall. Can’t have absolute truth intruding on the delusions of the wicked.


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