Current Events 01-30-3015

I’ve Been Saying It For Years: Give Us A Superbowl Ad Show. Lose the Useless “Football”. Dish DVR Lets You Skip the Football And Watch Nothing But Super Bowl Ads

Because Ninjas Need Bling, Too Inside the Dangerous World of Amateur ‘Ninja’ Gold Miners

Edison Had Thugs. Cecil B. DeMille Kept a Wolf and Guns To Defend Against Edison’s Thugs

Hope So. They Only Have Nine Months. Will flying cars ever get off the ground?

And You Thought the Closet Was Empty Pedophilia and the American Future

We Are Becoming Ancient Rome The Slippery Slope to Pedophilia

Rome was a horror show of perversion. Yet that’s where we are being forcibly herded by the perverse elites. First we are desensitized to the least offensive denizens of the “closet”. Then one after the other, the remaining taboos are trotted out of the closet until we get a world in which literally any atrocity has been re-defined as “normal”. I’m going to say it again: homosexuality is sin. It will never be anything else, no matter how hard some folks try to make it be otherwise.


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