Current Events 02-02-2015

The Entire Business Model is Antiquated and Broken Hollywood’s Release Delays Breed Pirates

At MOST, there should be no more than a two month delay from when movies are released in the theatre and when they are released digitally. Instead, we nearly always have to wait at least six months, some times longer, to get a decent copy of anything. When you live in a town that has no theatre, and the nearest cinema is a four-hour drive away, and there are no commercial copies available for sale in the whole country, what else can you do but get your movies from BitTorrent or UseNet? Propping up the dead carcass of the the cinema industry, trying to control the sale of movies with arbitrary zones and ineffective encryption schemes, only causes people to work that much harder to remove these unnecessary restrictions and get the instant access to content they desire.

Pointless, Stupid, and Obscene Why I Hate the Super Bowl

I, for one, refuse to participate in this American religious holiday. Thank God I live in a country where American football is about as popular as curling or cricket.

I Wish Is Ben Carson a Man of Destiny?

I have become too much of a cynic about politics to hold out much hope that such a man could ever be elected to political office in the United States. If he could secure the nomination, I would enthusiastically support his campaign and happily vote for the first black man to become President of the United States (as opposed to the guy who only plays a black guy on TV). Unfortunately, the ruling class in American politics has already chosen the players in the next game of Blue vs. Red, and in 2016 we peons will be allowed the illusion of choosing them by voting, a process about as substantial as voting for High School Class President.

Good luck Ben Carson. You’re a great man and you’d undoubtedly make a great President. Sadly, the American political machine hates nothing more than the prospect of having great men slip past the gatekeepers into meaningful political office.


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