Current Events 02-24-2015

Nobody Gets a Pass on Racism, Regardless of the Melanin Concentration God Gave Them The Left’s War on White America

Tyranny FCC Republicans launch last-ditch effort to sink net neutrality plan

Whenever proposed new laws are not subject to public review (i.e. Affordable Healthcare Act), it is because the proposed law contains things the politicians KNOW will cause the bill to never pass. Didn’t we fight a war once over that, something about representation and taxation?

Why Is This Surprising? Lesbian Admits She Wants Her Daughter To Be Gay

Homosexuality has always been Nurture, not Nature. This is precisely what opponents of Faux-Marriage and “Gay Adoption” have been saying all along. Perversion can’t reproduce under normal circumstances, so recruitment is the only option. Once we allow perverts to adopt, or buy babies (slavery), they have a captive mind that can be warped, and the result is, to quote the Bible, an abomination.

They Are An Anachronism That Have Only Succeeded In Driving Up Costs and Sending All Our Manufacturing Jobs Overseas 50 Years Of Shrinking Union Membership, In One Map


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