Current Events 03-02-2015

Brave New World South Carolina college: We didn’t put a ban on being gay

Of course they didn’t, for the same reason they haven’t banned leprechauns or unicorns: they don’t exist. This is another example of what I have long thought: once a majority is gained, the need to “co-exist” will end and forcible compliance will commence. This is indicated by the token-“gay”-test-case-initiator’s statement that he looks forward to “progressing towards a future where everyone can be treated as an equal.” That is doublespeak for “we will outlaw, bully, and ultimately jail all opposition until only the state-approved viewpoint remains.” And in an odd juxtaposition, all I can think of right now is King Theoden’s speech to Sarumon about “peace”. 

And I Am Now A Giant, Purple, Spotted Snorklewacker Who the hell is Chelsea Manning?

Gender is determined at conception. Wishing won’t change it, and neither will surgery or hormone therapy. Aiding and abetting those suffering from gender disassociation is neither compassionate nor helpful.


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