Current Events 03-11-2015

Never Buy the First Gen of Anything The Best Reason Not to Buy an Apple Watch Yet

I can’t see a use for these things UNTIL they have 24 hour battery life and a built-in GPS. If I have to be tethered to my phone, then they are useless to me.

Victimization Creates Groups of People Who Deem Themselves Immune to Any Criticism, No Matter Their Bad Behavior The Lies of ‘White Privilege’

My ancestors were poor Scots-Irish immigrants. We had to work for everything we ever got. We got treated like slaves in the industrialized north, and discriminated against because “All Irish are lazy” or “All Irish are drunks” or “All Irish are violent.” You know what you don’t hear from their descendants – the endless WHINING.

Democrats Like Their Black Folks Ignorant and Angry Black Mob Violence Spreads as the President Preaches Victimization in Selma

Hence, any racism directed at their opposite number is ignored or rationalized because VICTIM. Gender-disassociation sufferers can be violent, awful, and hateful, but that’s okay because VICTIM. Women can be absolutely sexist and hateful to men, but that’s acceptable because VICTIM. I think it’s time we got rid of all these victims and just focused on being the best people we can be and stop blaming our problems on anybody other than ourself.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other Conservative Black Leaders: Obama’s Likening Selma to Gay Activism ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘An Insult’

The myth is that sexual perversion, such as homosexuality, is inborn, and therefore unchangeable. It is made to be equal to real inborn things, like skin color or gender. Then a recent historical event, like the Black Civil Rights Movement in America or the Holocaust in Europe, is co-opted and made all about “gays”. They latch onto those groups in a parasitic manner and style themselves as the victims and thus, immune to criticism or scrutiny. Their very selfish, changeable, sinful behavior is then given full legal standing and protection, and the war on the rest of society who still consider this behavior to be wrong begins. We’re “racist” because we see sin and call it sin (this is funny, coming from a group that can’t reproduce without rented wombs or sperm banks). Our natural tendency towards fair play and tolerance is exploited by the very people who lack all tolerance when the roles are reversed. It is insulting, offensive, fascist, and just plain wrong.


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