Current Events 03-10-2015

That’s the Chicago Way The Democrats’ Thugocracy

Speaking of Thugs Scott Walker’s Brave Stand Against Big Labor; The Wisconsin governor has shown courage under fire from organized labor and its allies.

Organized labor? Try organized crime.

Live in the Country – Everything is Free Range Here’s How to Free-Range Your Kids (And Not Get Arrested)

Want Privacy? Go Apple. The CIA Campaign To Steal Apple’s Secrets

Apple Has Brought Back the Swatch Watch Apple Watch Hands-On: A First Look at Software, Apple Pay, Water Resistance, and More

And This Is Why You Don’t Surrender Your DNA New Orleans filmmaker cleared in cold-case murder; false positive highlights limitations of familial DNA searching

If They Can’t Reproduce Naturally, They DON’T DESERVE TO Mother Gives Birth to Gay Son’s Child

Don’t believe us religious folks, then maybe you’ll believe Evolution – if a species develops a mutation that precludes normal reproduction, then it’s a biological dead-end.


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