Current Events 03-25-2015

We Must Not Cede “Bad” Areas of Town to Bad People Gentrify! No matter what you do, modern liberals will tell you you’re wrong.

When all the decent people move away, that leaves only the people least able to maintain a decent community. This attracts the kind of people who tend to prey on such communities, and within a relatively short time, you have yourself a slum. We have to reverse white-flight, move back in to these areas, and bring our tax dollars with us to improve them. Once you get a nucleus of responsible, bill-paying types, skittish businesses can be attracted to return also. It’s the opposite of the Broken Window Principle.

Science Falsely So Called If It Works, Kill It

We live in an era where “Science”/Religion is often cited to trump whatever elitist neo-Atheists and liberals deem to be unpopular or incorrect. It doesn’t matter whether their position is right or not, because the “Science”/Religion is settled – end of discussion!

History Will Remember The Obama Years Like They Did the Carter and Hoover Years Only Five Hours Left to the Fast


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