Current Events 05-20-2015

The End of the Bible Belt Pseudo-Christianity How to Kill Christianity

Testify! Is Christianity Dying?

We are not witnessing the demise of Christianity, but rather, the ending of the cultural Christianity that was most common in the Bible Belt. This is the same “Christianity” that tolerated drunkenness, domestic abuse, racism, segregation, and every kind of evil provided your sat your butt in a church pew somewhere on a Sunday morning. By finally ridding ourselves of all the marginal, hypocritical, and Phariseeical “Christians” in our midst, we free ourselves at last for the rise of the very much alive and vibrant Christianity practiced by Jesus and the Apostles. REJOICE! We are the new counter-culture! AND IT’S AWESOME!

In Other News, ISS to Receive Orbital Death Ray 🙂 International Space Station may get laser cannon to vaporize orbital debris


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