Current Events 06-02-2015

Clearly, The Man Has Never Visited Montana. Doomster Paul Ehrlich Unrepentant: “My language would be even more apocalyptic today.” And still just as wrong

What Is the End Goal? What is wrong with Democrats?

I don’t think even they know. But then, politicians rarely have to pay the consequences of the policy they create. I would also tend to say “What is wrong with Republicans?” as well. After their resounding mandate in the last election, they have so far caved on defunding Obamacare and failed to halt the President’s illegal importing of future Democrat voters.

The Western World Hates Men There’s No ‘Gender Pay Gap’, But Here Are 11 Reasons Why There Should Be

Feminism is the last socially acceptable form of sexism. Women need to be taught that there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying home and being a Mom. Mothering the next generation of humans is the supreme job that can be done by anyone, yet it is treated with disgust by our society. At the same time, fathers are spit upon in our culture, in spite of the fact that children that come from homes with a Mom AND a Dad do much better than their fatherless counterparts. 

So, let’s hear it for the God-created, “traditional” family!

Oh yeah, thanks Mom and Dad for giving me one of those traditional families, and not bailing on your responsibilities like so many of my peers’ parents did.


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