Current Events 06-05-2015

The Spiders Have to Be Individually Milked By Hand, And They DO NOT LIKE IT Startup Says It’s the First to Make Synthetic Spider Silk

This is biotech at it’s finest – hacking natural things to generate really useful synthetic things. Nature (God’s creation) has all the best stuff. Why not figure out cool new ways to use it?

Cheese on Meat With Tomato!? The WORLD’S GONE TOPSY TURVY!! In 1938, the NY Times Wrote About a Weird New Food: The Cheeseburger

Exploring the Galaxy Will Never Happen, But the Solar System? Now That is Very Do-Able NASA wants to cut travel time to Mars “in half” with new propulsion tech

It is imperative we get out there. Not so much for colonization purposes, but for mining. All those rare Earth metals might not be so rare any more if we could make asteroid mining viable.


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